As I sat in the office last night pondering the ‘transition’, my mind wandered back to all the other ‘moves’ I’ve undertaken over my lifetime.
Packing is easy. Downsizing takes a little more thought.
THIS, is downright lunacy.

We’re not downsizing to fit into a one-bedroom apartment in suburbia; we’re downsizing to fit in a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander. You heard me. We’re getting rid of—selling, donating, or tossing—all of our worldly possessions; not just the junk we’ve collected over the years but we also have to decide the fate of our treasured belongings.

I started the process by swiveling around in my desk chair for about ten minutes, looking at all my stuff. I’m not going to lie. I felt overwhelmed. I know how to put things in boxes. I can pack a truck with the best of them. But this. This?

My allotment is going to be one half of 72 cubic feet of space in the SUV. That’s like 1.5 full size refrigerators. Not a big deal if all I’m looking to pack is a case of beer, some lunch meat, and a couple of oranges. That’s not what my life has boiled down to, has it? But seriously. This is happening. We’re hitting the road to write, find adventure, and blog about it.

I need space for two laptops, a printer, and maybe some clothes. Mia wants her crystals and jewelry making supplies, her memory foam pillow, and a small blender. Oh, and milk crates of books: The research items essential for the two or three or four manuscripts we want to write. Maybe, like those guys in the shark movie, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

I spun around in my office chair some more.

Half of my current clothes won’t make the cut. Most of the kitchen ware and all of the lawn tools are out. The 60′ big screen TV and my Lazy Boy recliner may be able to fit on the roof of the car. We’ll see what Mia says about that.

Someone may like or need something that mattered to me. The best quality stuff hits eBay. I’ve got a lot of artwork, framed photographs mostly. At some point soon I’ll attach images of them here on the blog and offer them for sale to a good home. The good stuff goes to the library or gets donated to other facilities. The rest gets tossed, I guess.

After the stuff is taken care of, the rest of our preparations may seem easy. Stay tuned as this process unfolds. Or refolds. Or, whatever is happening here.
Trust us, though, it’s going to be fun!